Quick File Share

Quick File Share is an Android app that enables sending files between devices over a Wi-Fi network, by using HTTP. Any web browser can be used to receive the file.

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ID Project Category Task Type Severity Summary Status Progress  desc Due In Version
274Quick File ShareTO-DOLowImplement chunked transfer encoding in web serverRequires testing
0.15 Task Description

The chunked transfer encoding is necessary to serve files of unknown size (created dynamically)

273Quick File ShareTO-DOLowAllow sharing files of unknown sizeRequires testing
0.15 Task Description

This is necessary for ZIP files constructed on the fly.

The current webserver implementation doesn’t support that.

269Quick File ShareTO-DOLowAllow sharing multiple filesRequires testing
0.15 Task Description

Possibly using a dynamic ZIP file

See http://developer.android.com/reference/java/util/zip/ZipOutputStream.html

271Quick File ShareTO-DOMediumAdd localisation supportAssigned
1.0 Task Description

No need for description

216Quick File ShareTO-DOLowRelease 1.0Assigned
Meta: Release Cycle Task Description

This is a meta-item depending on bugs/features required to complete before releasing QFS 0.12

272Quick File ShareTO-DOLowRelease 0.15Assigned
Meta: Release Cycle Task Description

First version allowing multiple file sharing.
Possibly release early and keep as alpha or beta to test further.

275Quick File ShareTO-DOLowUpdate progress bar to support files of unknown sizeAssigned
1.0 Task Description

The progress bar should reflect when the size of the shared file is unknown.

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