Network Type Indicator

Network Type Indicator is an Android App that places an status bar icon acording to the type of mobile network in use (e.g. 2G, 2G+, 3G, ...).

This app is meant for devices that may not include this information in the status bar by default (e.g. Xperia or Galaxy phones).

Google Play Store page:

ID Project Category Task Type Severity Summary Status Progress Due In Version
372Network Type IndicatorGeneralTO-DOVery LowDrop support for older versions of AndroidAssigned
1.6 Task Description

As of 2019-07 usage below KitKat is anecdotal:

2.3.x: 0.04%
4.0.x: 0.07%
4.1: 0.86%
4.2: 1.35%
4.3: 0.82%

2.3 to 4.3: 3.14%

4.4: 6.28%
5.0: 4.33%

370Network Type IndicatorGeneralBug ReportMediumApp crashes on bootAssigned
1.6 Task Description

The app force-closes on device boot when load on boot is enabled.

Once the boot is complete it behaves normally.

Seen in Oreo.

Presumably related to FS#369.

369Network Type IndicatorGeneralBug ReportMediumNotification doesn't load on bootAssigned
1.6 Task Description

Reported by Terry Parrott

Reports that the app won’t auto load despite having the option enabled.

Reported on Oreo.

Presumably related to FS#370.

360Network Type IndicatorGeneralTO-DOLowRemove black iconsAssigned
1.6 Task Description

Since the introduction of Material, icons should be white. The black icons only display as such in a subset on devices.

359Network Type IndicatorGeneralTO-DOMediumDrop dark icons in Lollipop+Assigned
1.6 Task Description

Material design icons are supposed to be white according to comments found online and most apps.

(I can’t find an actual upstream reference) Found at

Dark icons are displayed white in practice.

358Network Type IndicatorGeneralTO-DOLowRevamp notificationAssigned
1.6 Task Description

Take advantage of Nougat style notifications to display more information to the user.


Possible design elements:

  1. “App icon”: Network type? AFAICT setting it to the actual app will replace the status bar icon.
  2. Header text: Provider
  3. Timestamp: Time of the last update
  4. Large icon: Network type, bigger?
356Network Type IndicatorGeneralTO-DOMediumEnhance RTL layoutAssigned
1.6 Task Description

Rendering on RTL devices is does not work properly due to alignment problems.

Attached: Screen grabs from the pre-release report on an Arabic device.

355Network Type IndicatorGeneralTO-DOLowRe-do problematic vectorial iconsResearching
1.6 Task Description

This is a continuation of  FS#354 .

Temporarily using pre-rendered PNGs in 1.5.1, should try to re-design icons to render properly on Android 5.0 and up.

350Network Type IndicatorInternalTO-DOVery LowRemove Devel.DEBUGAssigned
1.6 Task Description

In the past BuildConfig.DEBUG wasn’t reliable (when combining Eclipse and ADT), but on Android Studio with Gradle it can be used safely and hence there’s no need to duplicate the functionality.

342Network Type IndicatorGeneralFeature RequestLowRecord historyResearching
? Task Description

Requested by Arnellord Bondoc 19/12/2015 on Google Play

Accurate readings, free, ads-free what more can I ask for! Hope you don’t mind, I modified it and replaced the status bar icons :) Kindly add history of network type used like what my other apps that I am using (2g, 3g ,4g, lte network monitor by Sun Light) for me to get rid of it because of it’s unlimited ads and slow loading. Thank you very much!

341Network Type IndicatorGeneralBug ReportLowStatus bar icon disappears after a while on Huawei phon...Requires testing
? Task Description

Reported by Vendetta 18/09/2016 on Google Play

Dejó de funcionar Desde la actualización d mi Huawei P8 lite a android 6 ya no sale el tipo d conexión en la barra d notificaciones.

P8 lite / Marshmallow / r14034

Reported by Oncewarriors 9/08/2017 through email

[...]the bar icon is vanishing after a while

340Network Type IndicatorGeneralFeature RequestLowAdd 4G+ iconResearching
? Task Description

Requested by Stéphane Roger 14/06/2016 on Google Play

Please Add 4g+ icon !

337Network Type IndicatorGeneralBug ReportHighApp doesn't load on bootResearching
? Task Description

This task depends on reports of such issue.

So far all reports are on Marshmallow:

Reported by Charles Kanegeni 20/02/2016 on Google Play

New issue Great app, have always used it. Just upgraded to marshmallow and now it won’t even start. What’s up with that? From Android 5 I had problems, plus doesn’t support dual Sim phones. This is the new direction, twin Sim phones. Please work it out.

Infinix (Infinix_X510_sprout) / 6.0 / r14034

Reported by Red Rospo 04/08/2016 on Google Play

Da migliorare Non parte al boot

LG G5 (h1) / Marshmallow / r14034

Reported by Simon Howard 18/12/2016 on Google Play

Issue with auto start on boot I’ve had this app for some time now, but it will not auto start on boot on my current phone (Galaxy S5, Marshmallow 6.01)

Galaxy S5 (klte) / Marshmallow / r14034

336Network Type IndicatorGeneralBug ReportHighApp doesn't load on boot (Huawei phones)Researching
? Task Description

Reported by Willy Romano 23/03/2017 on the Google Play

On Huawei G8. App doesn’t automatically execute when phone is turned off then back on. I protected the app and this seems to have solved the problem.

335Network Type IndicatorGeneralFeature RequestLowAdd alternative iconsAssigned
1.6 Task Description

Theming support as initially intended ( FS#237 ) is not possible.

With the switch to vector graphics adding alternative icons becomes fairly “cheap” app-size-wise and many users have requested alternative ones. This task tracks these suggestions.

Recap of related suggestions:

  • Pamy Srt 10/01/2016 on Google Play
    Needs to indicate using LTE icon not just 4g icon good app if you add this I will make it a 5

  • Jon Manilenio 29/04/2016 on Google Play
    Nice I wish there were more designs though.

  • Miles Vino 23/04/2017 on Google Play
    Appreciate this handy app! Please consider a simpler icon, without the square, so it blends with Google’s material design. Thanks!

  • MJ Cortez 02/06/2017 on Google Play
    4G should be displayed as LTE instead of [4]

  • Prince Priyam Borah 08/08/2017 on Google Play
    Plz add the stylish 4G logo. Your app only shows 4. Else, everything is ok.

334Network Type IndicatorBuild SystemTO-DOVery LowUse Gradle to define build-type-dependant fieldsAssigned
1.6 Task Description

Gradle allows to define fields on the generated class BuildConfig. This should be enough to discard the current per-build-type classes.


331Network Type IndicatorGeneralFeature RequestVery LowDisplay provider name in notificationAssigned
1.6 Task Description

Submitted by Tom:  FS#222  Display provider name in status bar

Not feasible in the actual status bar, but can be done in the notification.

329Network Type IndicatorGeneralTO-DOLowRelease 1.6Assigned
Meta: Release Cycle Task Description

This is a meta-item depending on bugs/features required to complete before releasing nettype 1.6

Previous:  FS#361  (1.5.2),  FS#353  (1.5.1),  FS#215  (1.5),  FS#252  (1.4),  FS#203  (1.3)

322Network Type IndicatorGeneralFeature RequestLowAllow disabling icon unless roamingAssigned
? Task Description

From feedback, by Martin Buch:

Would like an option to only display status bar icon when roaming. Its really only when roaming I need this information as the stock network type indication is replaced with an ‘R’ on my Nexus 6P (when roaming).

Many phones seem to do that.

321Network Type IndicatorGeneralFeature RequestLowAllow hiding icon when mobile data is tured offAssigned
? Task Description

From feedback, by Rownah Adriano:

[...] Can you please put an option to turn off the notification if mobile data is turned off?
313Network Type IndicatorBug ReportLowIncompatibility with Samsung Tab A (LTE version)Unconfirmed
? Task Description

Reported by Eddie Wallace

278Network Type IndicatorFeature RequestVery LowDisplay network activityResearching
? Task Description

Feedback from andres argumedo

andres argumedo 17/10/2014 22:38
Great app but
This is a great app I really like it it would be nice if it could also display
the data traffic not only the network type, like having the H+ and the up/down
arrows showing the data traffic and this app would be awesome!

Only feasible if it won’t add unnecessary complexity.

277Network Type IndicatorFeature RequestVery LowAdd a notification sound when the connection is lostResearching
? Task Description

Feedback from Wai keun Chong

Wai keun Chong 21/10/2014 4:28
Good App
This is the app what i looking for and it would be great if could add
a notification sound when a network loss
255Network Type IndicatorBug ReportHighIcon doesn't get updated with network changesAssigned
? Task Description

Known bug, app isn’t always notified.

Reproducible switching network mode from 3G/2G to 2G-only

246Network Type IndicatorTO-DOLowAdd support for expanded notifications with extra infor...Assigned
1.6 Task Description

No need for description

245Network Type IndicatorTO-DOLowAllow choosing between "offline" and "online" icons whe...Assigned
244Network Type IndicatorTO-DOLowAllow disabling the display of connection status on ico...Assigned
223Network Type IndicatorFeature RequestVery LowIndicate roaming in status barAssigned
220Network Type IndicatorFeature RequestVery LowAllow turning on/off network connectionAssigned
201Network Type IndicatorFeature RequestLowSupport multi-SIM devicesAssigned
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