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This is a meta-item depending on bugs to be fixed in the 1.13.4 release.

1.13.4 is a minor bugfix release for bugs found while development for 1.14 and 2.0 is stalled.

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Toni Corvera
FS#364: Evasion offsets aren't walked over in array 2019-11-26T19:45:25Z 2019-01-04T14:52:37Z

Submitted by Davide Cavestro

The array EVASION_ALTERNATIVES isn’t looped over correctly. Correction:

-		for delta in $EVASION_ALTERNATIVES ; do
+		for delta in ${EVASION_ALTERNATIVES[*]} ; do
Toni Corvera
FS#365: File sizes are rounded 2019-11-26T19:45:16Z 2019-02-27T00:30:26Z

Reported by remlap

File sizes are displayed as 3.00GiB instead of 3.54GiB

Toni Corvera
FS#373: Number of columns is ignored 2019-11-26T19:45:05Z 2019-11-25T11:19:38Z

First reported on BSD and Debian 10 (reproducible), apparently tied to some updated tool

Toni Corvera
FS#250: Release 1.13.3 2017-05-27T00:34:48Z 2014-08-19T22:19:56Z

No need for description

Toni Corvera
FS#314: Patch for approximate size calculation 2017-05-23T23:32:17Z 2016-04-28T18:29:25Z

Submitted by someone desiring no credit.

Here’s a patch against 1.13.2 for mistaken approximate size calculation.

Self-notes about the patch:

  • More accurate rounding → Discarded. I went for rounding by excess
  • Leading 0 in fractionary units was not present in the original → BUG
    Sample: Samsung HD sample, 1080pto720p version
Toni Corvera
FS#323: Codec information is misaligned/cropped 2017-05-23T19:01:46Z 2017-05-16T19:07:47Z

Originally reported by Markus and Wade

The codec information box gets cropped with current versions of ImageMagick.

Toni Corvera
FS#311: Allow disabling coloured output altogether 2017-05-23T17:46:20Z 2016-03-28T11:00:06Z

Reported by DanC

A great utilty... I’ve been using this for a couple of years now (it runs every night as a cron job).
I’ve been looking at cleaning up the output that cron captures from each of its commands and stores as a system email.
I’ve enabled the -Wc option to prevent coloured output. Mostly this works except near the start of the script when it says:
Settings from /home/danc/.vcs/vcs.conf:
This is still shown in green. Bug?

Currently the colour only stops after the option is found.

Toni Corvera
FS#247: Add codec identification for H.265/HEVC 2017-05-23T17:20:02Z 2014-08-19T12:05:34Z

ffmpeg: hevc

Stream #0:0[0x12d]: Video: hevc (Main) (HEVC / 0×43564548), yuv420p(tv), 3840×2160, 150 tbr, 90k tbn, 90k tbc Stream #0:0: Video: hevc, yuv420p(tv), 3840×2160, 25 fps, 25 tbr, 1200k tbn, 25 tbc


Toni Corvera
FS#248: Unsupported format gives errors 2017-05-23T17:18:45Z 2014-08-19T12:06:56Z

Seen in HEVC contained in MPEG-TS

Toni Corvera